FPV Racing

With nearly 150,000 spectators, ASL’s Drone Sports World at World Maker Faire 2016 was the largest live audience ever attending a drone race.  Pilots flew head-to-head through a custom racetrack straight out of the future - made with with lasers, special efx, interactive tricks and power-up’s, it’s the next wave of drone sports.  dSports World featured three full days of FPV racing action, including several special events, including a sponsored “GoPro” race and a brand new class - Outlaw Micro’s - sub 250 gram FPV racing drones!

Want to start building and designing drones but don't know where to start? Join our drone build-a-thon at Hiller Aviation Museum.

5 inch max props only - no carbon fiber.
Battery - 4s Lipo (14.6volts) max  
Frame - 285mm max frame size

Outlaw Micro Spec
Total weight of drone must be below 250 gr and FPV capable

3 Frequencies will be used to keep things simple – The VTX dip switches, or channel buttons must be easily accessible.  
Commonly known as Fat-shark/Immersion RC channels 1. 4. and 7.  Race-band channels 2 (5732), 5 (5806), and 7 (5880)can also be used. 
Frequency 5740
Frequency 5800
Frequency 5860

Changeable Color LED's must be on the Top, Bottom, and Sides of all Copters. Simple “Dip Switch” RGB LED's will be available. A simple JST style plug from 12-14 volt is all that is needed. Maker Faire will have Thousands of spectators, and the race track will have a dedicated PA Announcer. Color'd LED's will be needed to allow the fans to track the copters and the announcer to keep everyone informed.
Recommended link:  LED Lights