Drone Combat


Drone Combat

The ASL drone combat games sets a new standard for robotic sports.  What started as a top-secret drone “flight club” attended by a select group of robot builders, designers and artists in an Oakland warehouse became a global sensation.  Attendance quickly grew from a few friends to hundreds of people, and then thousands in a matter of months.  From this drone flight club the ASL was born.  

Want to start building and designing drones but don't know where to start? Join our drone build-a-thon at Hiller Aviation Museum.

Rules of Drone Combat:

Standard drone combat consists of two drones fighting head to head in a pre-defined arena.  The objective is to knock the opponent’s drone to the floor while avoiding your own drone hitting the floor.  

Combat starts with each drone ready-to-fly and idling in a designated landing zone or ring.  At the sound of the buzzer, each drone lifts into the air.

Each player begins with 3 points.  One point is deducted each time a player’s drone touches the floor. The first player to reach 0 points is declared the loser.

If combat results in both drones hitting the floor at the same time or within 3 seconds of each other, then both players loses a point.  However, a game-winning point or “kill” point can NOT be obtained if both drones hit the floor at the same time or within 3 seconds of each other (ie.  The winning drone must NOT hit the floor with 3 seconds of the losing drone hitting the floor for final kill point).

Each time a drone crashes, Pilots have 90 seconds to lift off again.  During this time they are permitted to enter the arena to make emergency repairs, replace batteries & parts or make adjustments to their drone.  Pilots have 90 seconds to get their drone flying or they are eliminated from the match.  During this time the healthy drone is allowed to land and rest. If for any reason a drone hits the floor outside of the ring upon landing or otherwise crashes or can’t lift-off again, it will lose a point as if it had crashed in combat.

Matches end at 5 minutes.  The drone with the highest score will be declared the winner.  If there is a tie, the winner will be determined by tennis ball firing squad or sudden death.


Combat Drone Specs

12” inch max, 2 blade props only -no carbon fiber
Battery - 4s Lipo (14.6volts) max  
Frame - 550mm max frame size
Weight - 2 kg max Ready-to-fly Weight

ASL drone combat encourages design, building and engineering, so ASL tries to keep the spec as open as safety will allow.  We encourage creative offensive and defensive weapons, but NO use of fire, chemicals or electro-based systems.  Some use of deployable and projectile weapons are allowed but we reserve the right to refuse or demand modification to any drone deemed a potential safety hazard.  If you have specific questions regarding your drone design, feel free to contact us and we'll help determine if it meets ASL's safety standard.

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